only the beginning...

I've had the site live for a while now, but just haven't put in the time to create it into what I want the site to be... I'm such a perfectionist (sometimes procrastinator?) that I'd rather have it all done "right" than to do it less than perfectly...

Well I guess now is as good a time as any to get things going.

Still, this will just be the beginning.  I have LOTS of ideas and plans for my little corner of the World Wide Web.

I have a handful of intentions for this site:

  1. To make a difference in the world!  I intend to make this a cool portal to valuable resources on the Internet that forward various projects, organizations and people who are out to make a difference in the world. 

    There are many things about today's world that I am passionate about impacting through education and action.  I want my site to forward those ideals (things like the senseless destruction of our environment, helping feed the hungry in the world, being a stand for human rights, educating people on the value of having a life based on being awake and present, and honoring the planet by living sustainably... and much, much, more).

    I intend to offer opportunities for both education and action on these matters (for those who are aligned with these ideals- I am not hear to preach about these things).

  2. Services I provide.  I will also use my site to list and explain the different services I offer provide to help people get what they want and need (these vary from shopping services to selling services, to dental plans, anti-spam software, to coaching and support).

    Check back to learn more about these as I continue to expand the services and products I offer online.
  3. Colorado Resource.  I intend to have be a great resource for people living here in Colorado, specifically the front range.  I will post the restaurants I love, the current events happening, current issues that are being addressed, etc.
  4. To share with anyone who's interested, about my life, my opinions, and to offer some of the many resources I've found over the years on the Internet.  For this to be a place where people contribute to each other.
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Response by: C. Janelli
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Why "SuperCraig"?
There are SEVERAL iterations of how I came to be called SuperCraig... I'm carefully drafting up something to share about that... but do know that I am Super in the same way that YOU are Super and THAT is the conversation I wish to engage in. Also- I tend to like to come to the rescue when needed :)
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Craig Janelli
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